Thursday, September 9, 2010

Halloween - Wicked Krispy Treats

So, I am busy working today and my sweet little Jack comes in and ever so sweetly requests that I make him rice crispy treats ( his favorite) of course with having all things Halloween on my mind.. I decide to do something a little fun today.... and I thought I would share it with you! they are a little creepy.. but having a boy.... He thought they were AWESOME!! According to him, the creepier, the scarier, the grosser.. THE BETTER!! So here are some pics I took...I just made a normal batch of Rice Crispy Treats.. but I added olive green coloring ( I used the really saturated icing colors.. not the typical food coloring) to the marshmallow once it was melted...then I cut them into large squares and wrapped them with a 2"H x 10W" strip of wax paper and then I made some wraps to go around the wax paper.. so they were a "little extra special".....
I was thinking how fun it would be to create a batch of these in all the diff Halloween colors... Orange, Black, lime green, olive green, Purple... wouldn't that be sooo fun?

DSC07579 copy

DSC07580 copy

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