Friday, January 16, 2015

DIY Home Theater Decor and Ideas - New Products!

 It has been a busy year!  From Keeping busy with my 2 boys to working with my etsy and Zazzle shops to working on our newest home project.. a Home Theater...I havent had much time to post.  I wanted to post some of the photos of our DIY Home theater.. basically for anyone thinking of doing a home theater on their own ( you can do it.. :)... and were looking for some DIY ideas! My husband did all the work himself.. and I helped with the "pretties"! I made the theater cornice and curtains and custom designed the theater pillows ( I am selling them in my Zazzle shop, if you are interested)... LittlebeaneBoutique  (they are in the home decor section) Through this process, I was so discouraged at the lack of pillow choices.. there is not much out there.. and so for anyone that likes what I designed....the links are below. I also designed custom napkins for the concessions area and also personalized popcorn bags.It was sooo fun to work on and took us about 2 1/2 months to complete ( very quick for a home theater, but my husband worked on it every single night.. all night! If you have any questions.. or need a reference to where we got something, just send me a message!!