Monday, October 21, 2013

NEW...Christmas Designs!

I know it is a bit early.. normally, I am soo excited for Halloween ( it is my favorite holiday).. but for some reason, this year, I am more excited for Christmas.. and have been designing new Christmas items for you!! Here are some new things I have been working on... and I also have some other new and exciting items.. and I hope to show them to you soon!!!


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Enzo's Italian Pizzeria 1st Birthday Party!

 My sweet little boy Enzo, just had his 1st birthday this past August... and because he LOVES to eat... we decided to throw him an Italian Pizzeria party!! This theme was so fun for me and my husband!  he had a little Chef Apron and Hat ( that he actually wore the whole time... unbelievable)... I purchased it from Sofies Sewing Room on etsy  ...We had a custom Pizza cake made by a wonderful lady in our area and of course no party in my book is complete without cookies from Lorisplace   ...she made me pizza shaped cookies and also #1 cookies does in the  Italian flag colors! Amazing! I made homemade caramel corn ( I will post the recipe later) and pizzelles with custom cookie bags! I designed a 24 x 36 poster of a chalkboard sign to fit on the desert table.. it was printed by Zazzle... I designed all kinds of paper goods from waterbottle labels to custom stickers for pizza boxes.. drink signs, stickers for vases and caramel corn container labels... I tried to make it feel as authentic as possible  and had some beautiful Italian music playing in the background! all the tables  had red gingham tablecloths and Italian themed paper place mats, and a vase of sunflowers... there were cute spaghetti sauce cans filled with breadsticks and baskets of fresh rolls and butter.. One of my favorite things was the "tree of months".. I printed out pictures of Enzo from each month of his first year.. and then hung them from ribbons on the apple tree in our backyard!! It was such an amazing day for him.. and I enjoyed be able to create such a fun party for him! I will be adding some of the party items in my shop ( just need some time to get them in there)! : ) Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Halo Birthday Party

This past August my son had his 11th Birthday.. He wanted a " Halo" themed birthday party! This was such a hard theme for me... you cant buy any party supplies... so you kinda have to make everything! ( It was a deja vu of his 8th birthday party ( Godzilla theme).. and I couldn't find anything for that party either!!  so I got to work... and here is what I came up with.... alot of camo, and military inspired items, I had cookies made by Loris Place Gourmet Delights  ( they were amazing.. she is the only person I go to for cookies.... I made camo cupcakes and candy coated popcorn in green and bright blue to represent Cortana. He had such a great time with friends.... and all the Halo goodies were a hit with the kids! we topped the night off with a surprise ride  on the " Rocket Car"!