Sunday, August 29, 2010

FREE Printable Fleur di Lis Labels/ Tags

Since I just started my blog.. I thought it might be nice to offer a free printable
(who doesn't love a freebie) to all my customers that i just love and appreciate! Just click here and download the printable....print them on sticker paper or on cardstock. There are so many uses for them, so go have some fun!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Godzilla Movie Night Party

As this is the first post on my blog, I thought I would share the photos from my son Jack's 8th Birthday Party we had this past Saturday. When I had asked him what theme he wanted for his birthday... He was very adamant that he wanted "Godzilla" with any mother that loves to plan parties... hearing the theme "Godzilla" nearly made my knees buckle... "what in the world can I do with this theme"? As I searched the stores and internet... I quickly realized there was nothing to be found... no decorations, no balloons, no plates, no napkins, no wrapping paper... NOTHING!! So after some brainstorming...I came up with the idea of having a " Godzilla Movie Night Birthday Party".. we have a movie theater in our basement, so I thought we would have about 12 of his friends over and they could watch a Godzilla movie and I would have a Candy buffet full of fun treats for the movie.... the kids had such a blast... and here are some pics from the candy buffet!! Since I design invitations and paper goods.. .I basically had to make everything for this party....But I have to give a " BIG THANKS" to Lori at Lori's Place Gourmet Delights for the absolutely amazing Godzilla cookies she made for me...She is just the sweetest person I have met on etsy....and Amy at
Sweet Celebrations for the yummy Chocolate and Sprinkle coated oreos and Pretzels... Thank you guys!!!
Photo Box A
Photo Box B

The most amazing 4 inch round cookies made by Lori's Place Gourmet Delight

Photo Box C
Unnamed Card

I designed the Birthday Logo above which all the paper goods and cookies were designed around.. I designed the Japanese flag in the background and then I created silhouettes of all the Godzilla Characters my son loves....then I had a 4 ft poster of this printed by Zazzle... so all of Jack's friends that came to the party got to sign their name on the poster! He now has it hanging in his room!!

Godzilla Party 1
I made the "Happy Birthday" banner, candy jar labels, favor bags, cupcake toppers, large cupcake topper...there are several other designs available in my shop and I also designed the 4 ft film strip poster of my son....I took different photos of him from the past year and created a film strip.. I thought it would be nice keepsake from the party and would fit in nicely with the idea of it being movie night!

For the Cupcake Stand.. I just used 2 stands I already had and I lined them with a beautiful textured paper that resembled Godzilla Skin and trimmed the edges with a satin red ribbon


I found this amazing vintage wooden box that was painted olive green (I was so excited) the colors for the party were, olive green, lime green, red, black and white.. and I tried to find candy that were those colors and were maybe representative of Godzilla... Atomic fire balls and red hots for the fire and rock candy sticks and Pop Rocks for the explosions!