Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I Love My Stickers!!!!!

This post might be off the normal subject matter here.. but I just can't contain my excitement and I just had to share it with someone( because my husband is sick of hearing about it.. lol).....I may really be showing my age here.. but I have a MAJOR obsession with the Trend Scratch n Sniff stickers.... I had an amazing collection when i was a kid( back in the early 80's).. of course my collection was never kept through all the moves in my childhood... but now at 37 years old.. I am recollecting my stickers! I have been having so much fun with these.. just looking at them makes me smile.... So, last weekend my husband , my son and I went to a vintage toy store called "Big Fun".. they have all kind of fun retro toys from back in the day. We have been going there for years and I have never come across the scratch and sniff stickers... but it was my lucky day and I found 8 packs in their original packaging! Yipppeeeee! These stickers are very hard to find and when you do find them, they are expensive! To think stickers could make someone so happy!!!! So I thought I would share a couple of pictures of what I have collected so far.. but hopefully I can find more and keep adding to my new collection....did you have a sticker collection? what was your favorite one??

IMG_0541 copy

IMG_0545 copy


  1. So fun!! I loved collecting (and trading) stickers when I was younger too. I acutally still have my sticker collection! In a big binder. Looking at it brings back lots of memories very easily. So I totally understand your excitment in finding these stickers.

  2. Oh the memories! I have a collection scratch 'n sniff stickers that I received from my 2nd grade teacher. :-) I remember loving them all...except for the licorice!! The skeleton and the tree also had a weird scent! LOL